Jelly Solution

As the orignal inventing team of " Konjac lychee jelly: (mini cup jelly with nata de coco ), We're strong enough to assist you on any kind of cup jelly (pudding, flan)

Owing to our 20 years experience , 2 new products developed : " Toy Jelly " and " Ice Tube " . We can design you by a plant for tnese 3 products and most of the machine could be shared by 3 different products .

The products could be desighed for refrigreated storage or long shelf life in room temperture, It's all up to you, not only packed in cup but also, we can make it in powder form for D.I.Y (home cook) market.

Fruit Jelly
Set Yogurt
Mine Cup
Stick (Tube)
Water Jelly
Coffee Jelly
D.I.Y. Jelly Powder
Pudding Cup
Tea Jelly
Special Shape Cup
Sachet/ Box (Power)