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Most of the time, fruits have a shorter harvest season than vegetables, but rot faster than vegetables. But with a better price per kilogram than vegetables generally cause more waste than vegetables speaking from an economic point of view.

No matter how you want to extract the juice from fresh fruit or dry the fruit for a longer shelf life or crush the fruit pulp to make fruit jam (spray for bread), we have all the solutions for different types. of fruits.

Fruits Processing Machines

Fruit Washing

Fruit Washing

Fruit Washing
Fruit Washing
Fruit Slicer
Fatch Dryer
De-Stoning & Pulping
Fruits Pulping
Fruit Crushing
Fruit Juicer
Fruit Juicer
Pre-heating & Blanching
Vacuum Deaeration
Fruit Pulp Refining
Vacuum Concentration
Standby / Storage Tank
Dried Mango
Dried Fruits
Can Fruits
Fruit Cocktail
Fruit Jam